Wouldn't life be better without surge pricing?
Cut the Surge helps you save money by taking an Uber at the right place at the right time!

Cut the Surge will check if there is a location around you where the surges are lower. You can also predict the surge prices for the next hour in your city with our surge graph.

Because Uber is cheaper than a standard taxi, surge pricing comes into play when the demand for an Uber car is high. The surge pricing can last for a few minutes or longer, and it doesn’t affect the entire city. Waiting a few minutes can save you some money!

Cut the Surge analyzes the lowest prices around you. These prices aren’t the same throughout the city. The price increase can be small - 10% higher than the standard price, for example - or can go to up even 10x the standard rate in certain locations.

Completely free.
No ads.
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